The Launch of Jinko Tiger Neo Solar Panel (N-Type) 2nd Generation

Last Update: 2/8/2023

Jinko Solar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, revealed its 2nd Generation of Tiger Neo panel which contributed as one of the most efficient panel in the world. The 2nd generation Tiger Neo includes three series with new maximum power output up to 445Wp for 54-cell (up to 22.27% efficiency), 615Wp for 72-cell (up to 23.23% efficiency), and 635Wp for 78-cell (up to 22.72% efficiency).

The new generation of Tiger Neo panels delivers more features and advantages as it listed down below:

With up to 85% bifacial factor, it give more energy yield for around 15-20% compared to conventional bifacial panels.

Temperature co-efficiency have been optimized from -0.30%/℃ (from first generation) down to -0.29%/℃.

Optimized to obtain more average productivity in low-light conditions (sunset, sunrise, or cloudy).

Compatible with almost all mainstream inverter brands (lower short circuit current).