About Antai Solar

Antaisolar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system. Established in 2006, it has currently built up a manpower of 800 employees with R&D team of 120 specialists of diverse technical background. Antaisolar has been focusing on consistently providing convenient, reliable, and innovative solar mounting and tracking systems.

As of the end of 2021, its cumulative solar racking shipments had reached 19.3GW. It has ranked no.1 in Japan solar racking market share and ranked no.1 of export volume to Japan for 8 consecutive years and ranked top 1 in Australia and Chile distributed generation market.

Rooftop Solution

L-Feet Trapezoidal Mounting System

The L-feet mounting system is suitable for roofing with corrugated sheet metal.

Adjustable Tile Roof Mounting System

Tile roof mounting system is suitable for roof with pantiles and corrugated fibre cement.

Adjustable Tilt Ballast Mounting System

The adjustable tilt ballast system will fit different flat roof or open terrain applications.

L-Feet with Kliplok Mounting System

The kliplok clamp offer a secure fastening without penetrating the roof sheets.

Ground Mounted Solution

U-Pile Ground Mounting System

The U-pile ground mounting  is economical but depends on site condition.

Screw Pile Ground Mounting System

The screw pile ground mounting is more concrete but depends on site condition.


Walkway (Penetration)

Hot-dipped galvanized steel Q235B; or Fiber glass 

L   : 2800mm
W  : 500mm
H   : 40mm